“Let’s work together to develop your story into an effective brand”

Love Entertainment offers the most knowledgable & passionate staff in independent filmmaking – streamlining every production we oversee. Hourly consultations are ideal for specific issues on different areas including but not limited to:

  • Personal development / How to jump-start your career 

  • Ideas on how to get your script off your desk and onto screen

  • Perfecting your project pitch 

  • Identifying the target market for your project and the right budget level

  • Casting consulting

  • Dealing with SAG agreements and paperwork

  • Finding film financing and the right production companies for your project

  • Building your production team and hiring your crew

  • Creating a viable production plan

  • Film project analysis for marketability and viability

  • Identifying the best festival strategy and type of distribution

  • Creating a marketing plan for a project

  • Foreign sales consulting

  • Distribution consulting

The importance of female driven stories is to empower women that we are just as important and powerful as men. That we too have a voice to speak and stories to tell. Thank you Love Entertainment.
— - Esse Vang, Filmmaker
Their willingness to guide young filmmakers was definitely appreciated and encouraging. As well as their continuous fight and belief for women in films - the support you both have shared and offered to us is definitely most memorable.
— Thanh Lee, Filmmaker
Vincent & Riyaana are knowledgeable filmmakers who taught me the importance of “striving for progress, not perfection” which is something I’ve been able to apply to my everyday life. As mentors they were always readily available to help me and show their support every step of the way. Their work has empowered me as a woman and inspired me to become a superhero in my own way by carrying those skills into my work as a filmmaker.
— Diana Pham, Filmmaker