Left: Riyaana Hartley | Right: Vincent Tran

Left: Riyaana Hartley | Right: Vincent Tran

Love Entertainment was established in 2010, by Riyaana Hartley and Vincent Tran, to create films that inspire and remind us of the power in our humanity, films that remind us our greatest strength is love. To fulfill on this vision, Love Entertainment proudly produces female driven stories with women above the line and behind the camera to more holistically represent the human story, movies with meta narrative.

Since founding the company, Vincent and Riyaana have since gotten married and have been producing, directing and writing together for 8 years in Los Angeles. They actively participate as members for non-profit organizations such as Women in Film LA, HeForShe, United Nations: Women and serve on the board for Fly ButterFly.

Riyaana and Vincent saw their opportunity years ago when studios started producing an increasing number of male dominated superhero films. Hollywood’s lack of development and respect for female super heroines left an untapped and unexplored universe for Love Entertainment to bring to the big screen. Riyaana and Vincent wanted to reinvent how audiences experience and perceive women in movies by more authentically presenting their appearance, motivations and complexity. It was about honoring female characters and feminine qualities and this is where it all began.

In 2014, Vincent and Riyaana created an origin story about DC Comic’s Supergirl called “Girl of Steel”. The timing was perfect and the film received an uproar of support from the comic con circuit.

With positive reviews from critics and fans, demand was high for more stories that celebrated beloved female super heroines and comic characters. Motivated and inspired, Vincent and Riyaana set out immediately to produce their next film.

The following year “Batgirl Rises” released and became an instant success. The film took Love Entertainment to comic cons around the country and across the globe. At the Middle East Film & Comic Con, Riyaana and Vincent premiered “Batgirl Rises” and presented at the ‘Creating Female Heroes in Cinema’ panel. It was here during their visit to Dubai, city of the future and innovation, that the filmmakers realized the demand for not just female super heroines but for female characters period. The time had come to create an original story for a global audience.

In 2016, Love Entertainment produced their first feature, a sci-fi drama called “One Under the Sun”. A film about a female astronaut with a gift to end war, One Under the Sun was privately financed by a group of advocates and investors who champion peace and equality. After a world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, the movie took off with a successful Los Angeles Theatrical run and distribution on HULU, Amazon Prime, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play and Youtube Movies.

Now the producers are gearing up for a Women’s Formula 1 documentary set to release in 2020. Learn more at Beyond Driven.